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Best-HR provides your employees with a completely web-based solution to manage vital employee information-while also allowing employees to manage personal details as well. Offering a web-based HR solution saves time, expense and paper for routine HR tasks. Our easy-to-use interface is personalized for individual employees so there is a higher level of comfort and satisfaction for employers and employees alike.

Best-HR Overview

Do you have a clear picture of your overtime costs for the last 18 payrolls? How about the last 13 months? How many months has it been since each employee had a pay increase? Do you know the average length of time an employee has worked for you? What was the average length of time terminated employees worked for you? This is what we call Human Resource ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) and is exactly what you get with our new Human Resource ESP Service. This service is comprised of 15 colorful, easy to read graphs and 10 data packed tables that give you an overall view of how your company is using its human resources.

Regular and Overtime Graphs

At a glance, compare and evaluate how you use Regular Pay, Overtime Pay, Regular Hours, and Overtime Hours for each division, each department, and your overall company. These graphs are shown by payroll, month, quarter, and year! Custom date ranges will also be available

Employee Turnover Analysis

Turnover is one of the most costly expenses businesses have today, do you know where you stand? With a combination of graphs and tables, our Employee Turnover Analysis shows you:

  • Turnover ratio
  • Active vs. terminated employees
  • Most active termination month
  • Most active hire month
  • Employment range (maximum and minimum times)
  • Average time employees stay with your company
  • List of reasons employees are terminated (if given

Other Pays

All other pays are graphically shown and compared to each other. Instantly you will know what you spend on Vacation or Sick pay and how they compare to Bonuses, Holiday pay or any other pay you have set-up.

Employee Raises

This great graph shows you how long it has been since each employee has had a raise. It displays a different graph for each department to make comparing employees within the same department a breeze! A detailed table shows dates since last pay increase, time employed, and current rate or salary for each employee plus averages, maximums, minimums, medians, modes, and standard deviation for these numbers.

Gaggle of Grosses

Simple to read recaps showing gross and totals for each active employee, inactive employee, payroll, department, and division.

This is just a portion of what you get with your Best Payroll Human Resource ESP. Your payroll should be a useful and necessary management tool, not just a GL entry. Let our HR-ESP Service turn your data into valuable information.


  • Checks arrive pre-signed and sealed
  • No cost for this service


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