Why Choose Us


It's All About Choice

If you've ever worked with another payroll provider, you already know the benefits of outsourcing your payroll and payroll tax filing functions.

But maybe you want more. Here's what we offer:

Flexibility. A live voice on the other end of the line. A level of service that keeps in mind a simple principle:

We respect what you expect.

If you expect a payroll specialist you know by name to call on schedule to produce your payroll, that's what you'll get.

If you expect to fax your information and have us produce your payroll from there, without time-consuming phone conversations, that's what you'll get.

If you expect to e-mail us your information via a customized Excel spreadsheet generated after each payroll and e-mailed to you, that's what you'll get.

And if you expect to key your own payroll and work with us electronically, that's what you'll get

Whether you work with us by phone, fax or electronically, your payroll processing and payroll tax filing receive prompt, expeditious treatment. And whether we speak to you personally once a week or once a year - depending on your method of input - you can rest assured there's a specialist assigned to your work. Someone who knows you, your company and your payroll. Someone whose top priority is serving your payroll needs and keeping you as a happy client.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and the privacy of your employees are of utmost importance to us. All of our Expert Payroll/HR Services staff members are constantly aware of the need to maintain the highest level of confidentiality possible. This policy outlines our commitments to you to preserve the confidential information with which we are entrusted.

To provide information to us via MyPayrollWeb.com or PlatinumPay you must enter a unique ID and password. No information is available to third parties without your specific, written consent

Information you fax or telephone to us remains in our secure offices. No copies are provided without your written consent to anyone who is not in the direct employ of Best Payroll. Our system logs each user who adds, changes, or deletes data.

Information you e-mail to us is password protected if you initiate that practice upon sending your email to us. Additionally, we suggest you use employee numbers to identify your employees, not Social Security numbers.

Best Payroll & HR Services is protected by a firewall and access to our system is password protected. Information stored on our server is accessed only by authorized users. We use industry-standard encryption technologies when transmitting data to the MyPayrollWeb.com server.

Our physical facility has security measures in place to protect your confidential information from loss, misuse, or unauthorized change, including redundant back up procedures, and a continuous power source.

Our Web site contains links to other sites. Please review those sites’ privacy practices individually as we do not have any responsibility for their practices and policies.

Best Payroll does not share client lists or any information about our clients with other parties except to comply with the regulations of your optional services such as Direct Deposit, PayCards, tax filing and reporting. We obtain your written permission for any such use.

Please contact us with any questions you have about our privacy policy.


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